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Blaze Poker
We are absolutely delighted to present our brand new Fast-Fold Poker! Blaze presents a completely new take on the cash Poker game. Rather than joining a single table, you can join a pool of players all of whom will be competing at the same stake range. Our system is designed to randomly seat players from the pool at different tables. Each time a player completes or folds a hand, they are immediately transferred to a different table and dealt a new hand. This effectively means lots of action and absolutely no waiting whatsoever. You can access detailed information by simply clicking on the FAQs link below. If you have queries or doubts about this promotion, please contact us at [email protected]
What is Blaze Poker? Blaze Poker is the blitz version of the traditional poker ring game. It's got more action! Similar to the poker you already play except for the fact that you have a bunch of new opponents for every new hand. In traditional poker ring games you play against a fixed set of players all of whom are seated at a single table. Blaze, on the other hand, allows you to play against a pool of players. Whenever you fold in Blaze you are instantly transferred to a new table with completely different opponents What happens when I fold? In Blaze Poker you will instantly be transferred to another table to play your next hand right away, even if the action has yet to reach you. None of the players at your previous table will be able to tell that you have folded right until it's your chance to act. At any point in a hand, you can fold, unless you have already committed chips to the pot and aren't facing a bet (this includes occasions when you are the big blind), or when you are all in. What is Quick Fold? Quick Fold is a Blaze Poker feature allowing you to fold your hand and move to a new table without having to wait for the hand to be complete. Quick Fold can be done from any position, whether it's before the bet reaches you or during the game, unless you have the option to Check. To Quick Fold in a game, just click the Quick Fold button on your screen. How do posting blinds and seating position work in a Blaze Poker game? In the usual form of poker, the dealer button and the blinds rotate in a clockwise direction. But owing to the fact that opponents change at every hand in Blaze, seating and blinds strategy will follow a specially devised algorithm. This is only to allow fair handling of the seating. At the time of determination of seating for a round, the player having the maximum number of rounds played without a big blind is chosen for the big blind position. A similar procedure is followed for the small blind position. The player without a small blind for the maximum number of rounds is chosen for the small blind position. This procedure however is completely independent from big blind. Moreover, the dealer button is positioned using a method akin to the previous ones. The player without the dealer button for the maximum number of rounds will be selected for the dealer button. Do I have the same amount of time to act in a Blaze Poker game as I do in a standard ring game? The amount of time one receives to act in a Blaze Poker game will be the same as that in a standard ring game. How do I play at more than one table in a Blaze Poker game? Playing multiple tables is simple. All you need to do is join the same pool multiple times. Our automated system will block your entries from being seated repeatedly at the same table. Just click the 'Join Tables' button or click the +1 button on the table. Do I earn Loyalty Points from playing a Blaze Poker game? Yes! Loyalty Points are earned similar to the method employed in standard Cash Games. How is my hand history saved? At the moment a player folds a hand and is shifted to a new table, the complete folded hand is stored in your history. Which blind levels are currently offered? Blaze Poker currently offers 6-max Texas No Limit Hold�em tables on the following stake levels:
  • €0.01/€0.02
  • €0.02/€0.04
  • €0.05/€0.10
  • €0.10/€0.20
  • €0.25/€0.50