Pre Flop Deal Odds
Hole cardsOdds
Defined Pocket Pair, like Ace-Ace220 to 1
Ace-King suited331 to 1
Ace-King off-suit110 to 1
Ace with less than Jack, suited36 to 1
Ace with less than Jack, off-suit11 to 1
PokerLoco Draw Charts
Flop drawOdds
A set with pocket pair7.5 to 1
Any pair or more2.1 to 1
2 or more suited cards with suited hand7.5 to 1
Turn and River drawOdds
Hit a flush with 4 suited on flop1.86 to1
Hit a full house or more with 2 pairs5 to 1
2 pair or 3 of a kind with pair on flop11 to 1